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Taixing City, Sanguang precision alloy factory workers in Shanghai three SVA Alloy Co., Ltd. located in Jiangsu Province branch of production, mainly produces and processes the following products:

1 - drawing thin 2 - winding civil and industrial heating wire, resistance band 3 - ultra-thin wide foil with 4 - electric heating radiant tube production and processing.

Branch has a large-scale production equipment and monthly production capacity of 50 tons of filaments, with the most advanced high-speed wire drawing machines and several sets of heat treatment line, and traversing uniform, all with environmentally friendly ABS spool, Length and length, can be produced. Another multi-roll rolling mill production line of a set of precision. Blank silk into the plant all the chemical elements required to achieve the national standard limit, to ensure the best possible condition to guarantee the delivery of the user.

La Roberts Wood Quality factory with: NiCr nickel-chromium alloy wire, 6J40 Hong copper wire, N6/N4 pure nickel wire, FeCr iron chrome wire, thermocouple wire, 6J22 card code wire, NiFe Ni wire, CuNi copper-nickel wire, Manganese is Kirsten powers, nickel manganese wire diameter from 0.018mm to 2.0mm, with bright soft state factory.

The nickel chromium alloy wire content is not less than 76%, electricity ferrochrome special nickel-chromium wire content: 79%; pure 99.5% purity nickel wire, iron chromium aluminum alloy silk thread diameter from 1.2mm below, all changes from the first pull wire up. Gree air conditioner wire for global bran...

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¡¡¡¡Taixing City, Sanguang Precision Alloy Factory
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